Environmental science

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What does the science tell us about our freshwater?

Horizons Regional Council collects environmental data and initiates research that informs decision making around policy and regulation to ensure that we all manage our activities in a sustainable way.

We work closely with independent science providers to conduct and share research. We also strive to make reliable information available, for the wider benefit of the community.

In this section, you can dive into the science that examines the challenges, pressures (and opportunities) facing freshwater in the Horizons Region.

This information, together with knowledge from tangata whenua, and our community and stakeholders will inform decision making for Oranga Wai | Our Freshwater Future. Find out more about our engagement approach in the Have your say section of this website.

We all have a responsibility to ensure the life-giving capacity of freshwater is sustained and safeguarded for future generations. Explore the science in your local Freshwater Management Unit below.

Learn about the science in your FMU and find out about the current state of its freshwater

Note for Whanganui and Whangaehu: We are working collaboratively with Post Settlement Governance Entities in the region for river Treaty settlements to ensure our work supports the objectives of the strategies being developed under Te Awa Tupua for the Whanganui River and provided for under Te Waiū-o-Te-Ika for the Whangaehu River.

It is acknowledged that our approach to implementing the NPS-FM in the Whanganui and Whangaehu River catchments needs to support the river settlement legislative processes and the outcomes sought in the resulting strategies. Head to the Have your say section for more information on our engagement approach.