Environmental science

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What does the science tell us about our freshwater?

Science and research are extremely important if we want to ensure the wellbeing of freshwater.

If we understand the state of waterways and how we impact them, we can ensure our behaviours create benefits for us and the environment. Horizons Regional Council collects environmental data and does research to inform freshwater policy and regulations which ensure we manage our activities in a sustainable way.

We strive to make as much of our science as accessible as possible. Giving people science and research in formats they understand raises our collective knowledge, enabling everyone to make informed decisions about freshwater. This section of the website is so you can dive into the science that examines the challenges, pressures and opportunities facing freshwater in the Horizons region.

We have displayed this information here, dividing it by Freshwater Management Unit (FMU).

These FMUs are the way we have proposed managing freshwater in our region, as they are based around river catchments.  Each FMU has unique environmental, social, cultural and economic factors, which is reflected in our science and research.

Learn about the science in your FMU and find out about the current state of its freshwater