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What is Oranga Wai | Our Freshwater Future?

Oranga Wai | Our Freshwater Future is how we have chosen to represent all of the policy and regulation streams included in central government’s Essential Freshwater package, announced in 2020. This package of work is about preventing further damage to waterways, lakes and streams, improving water quality, and bringing water bodies and ecosystems to a healthy state. Part of the Oranga Wai | Our Freshwater Future process is an update to the One Plan, the document that determines resource management for the region.

This website will be the one-stop shop for all things Essential Freshwater in the Horizons region. For general information about Essential Freshwater head to the Ministry for the Environment's website. We'll let the public and stakeholders know when the site has substantial updates. To make sure you stay up-to-date with what's happening and when, you can also subscribe to our freshwater e-newsletter on the Horizons website. If you have any feedback on the site or questions about freshwater, fill in our quick feedback form to let us know.

  • Information on the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater (NES-F) - this is currently housed on the Horizons website.
  • Information on Horizons’ non-regulatory programmes - across the region there are lots of people doing the mahi to support the regeneration and protection of freshwater ecosystems. This site will highlight those good news stories.